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H. F. du Pont’s Chestertown House

It’s 1919, and you have a one-year-old daughter. Wilmington summers can be oppressive, and in these days before widespread air-conditioning, there is not much relief. Where do you go to escape the heat? Fortunately at that time, if you were … Continue reading

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Sleuthing in Rare Books to Reveal an Art Lover’s Interest

  Unlike Henry Francis du Pont, most art collectors don’t leave records explaining why he or she decided to purchase one work of art or another.  Understanding demand for art during a particular time period can help scholars determine how … Continue reading

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The Custom of New Year’s Calling

Looking to kick the New Year off right? Why not skip the bacchanalian revelry of New Year’s Eve and re-create the centuries-old custom of calling on friends on New Year’s Day? Popular in the 1800s, calling evolved from a Dutch … Continue reading

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Christmas without Toys?

      Toys! What a wonderful time of year to think about toys! Why do toys make us so happy? Well, they engage our brains in a fun way and stimulate our imagination. Many toys are purely for entertainment; … Continue reading

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Best in Class

With the holidays fast approaching, ’tis the season of Christmas traditions at Winterthur. The annual Yuletide Tour is under way, showcasing Henry Francis du Pont’s former home decorated for the season. In admiring the lavish dining room at its holiday … Continue reading

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Strawbridge and Clothier’s Game of Consumerism

The youth demographic—the golden ticket in marketing. Every retailer looks to target this market to ensure future business success. It’s never more apparent than during the holidays when shopping and consumerism crescendo to an all-time high. Before social media, online … Continue reading

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The Pennsylvania Germans have long been renowned for their colorful folk art, embellished with tulips, hearts, birds, and other whimsical motifs. But during the American Revolution, many began to incorporate patriotic imagery into their artwork. Also known as the Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

The coconut:  it conjures up images of summer luaus and tropical sands, or perhaps it brings to mind the zany sound effects from a certain Monty Python production. There is another intriguing way to envision a lovely bunch of coconuts: … Continue reading

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Travels through Conservation

As director of conservation at Winterthur Museum, I have had one of the best jobs in the world. Every day I visit the conservation labs at Winterthur, where a remarkable staff and twenty graduate students in art conservation work to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Tiffanys

Glimmering glass and glittering gems dazzle visitors this fall and winter at Winterthur. Two complementary exhibits, Tiffany Glass: Painting with Color and Light and Tiffany: The Color of Luxury, celebrate the beauty and popularity of objects made and sold by … Continue reading

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