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A Good Sack Posset

One entertaining aspect of researching for the exhibition Uncorked! Wine, Objects & Tradition was the discovery of some wonderful period quotes. For example, let’s take the subject of posset pots. You’ve never heard of posset? Well, that’s not surprising, since … Continue reading

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The McAllister Perspective Glass: A Lens on 19th-Century Optical Entertainments

Editor’s note: this is the third of several posts by graduate students in the Winterthur Program in American Material Culture (WPAMC), written as part of their Material Life in America class. Please note that you can click on the images … Continue reading

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Travels through Conservation: Preserving Temperance

By Director of Conservation Lois Alcott Price The Textile Lab has recently been the site of a collaboration between painting and textile conservation. Flaking paint on a fragile silk edged cotton banner scheduled for exhibition in Uncorked! Wine, Objects & … Continue reading

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Hair Apparent: False Hair Caps and the Mysterious World of 19th-Century Hair Anxiety

I have a reputation for loving the stranger objects at Winterthur. Ask me what I like and I’ll usually respond, “The high style Philadelphia furniture is impressive, but did you see the glass fly trap on the second floor? It’s … Continue reading

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Twentieth-Century Wine at Winterthur

In preparation for what promises to be a fantastic exhibition on wine implements—Uncorked! by Senior Curator of Ceramics and Glass Leslie Grigsby—I have been researching the history of the wine cellar here at Winterthur. The museum’s founder, Henry Francis du … Continue reading

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Location = “Let us Know”: Inventorying a Collection on the Move

When my phone rang on July 8, 2010, one of Senator Carper’s staffers was on the other end of the line to congratulate me on Winterthur’s Museums for America grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS). My … Continue reading

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