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Sleuthing in Rare Books to Reveal an Art Lover’s Interest

  Unlike Henry Francis du Pont, most art collectors don’t leave records explaining why he or she decided to purchase one work of art or another.  Understanding demand for art during a particular time period can help scholars determine how … Continue reading

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Tracing Inspiration in a Beautiful Needlework Picture

  Artwork at its best inspires and influences other art forms; a great piece of literature can be turned into an award-winning movie, or a painting can inspire a book. Join me as I trace the roots of an embroidered … Continue reading

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The Pennsylvania Germans have long been renowned for their colorful folk art, embellished with tulips, hearts, birds, and other whimsical motifs. But during the American Revolution, many began to incorporate patriotic imagery into their artwork. Also known as the Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Sword: A Celebration of Patriotism and Valor

On this Veterans Day, it seems fitting to highlight a new addition to our Metalwork Gallery that celebrates bravery, valor, and patriotism. A quick glance will tell you that this sword was not one intended for battle, but its grandeur … Continue reading

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Sewing with a Worm, an Alligator, and a Stanhope Viewer

You might be surprised at what you can find in the Winterthur Museum collection. It’s not only celebrated ceramics, rare paintings, and priceless furniture. It’s also… tools. Did I say tools? Yes, but not those kinds of tools. There aren’t … Continue reading

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Honoring H. F. du Pont and His Lasting Influence

During this, the 25th anniversary year of Jayne Design Studio, Winterthur Fellow and Delaware Antiques Show keynote speaker Thomas Jayne and filmmaker Simon Blake have collaborated to honor Henry Francis du Pont and his extraordinary vision for Winterthur Museum. In … Continue reading

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A Brittle Beauty

The centuries-old technique of lacquering (lacquer fragments have been unearthed from archeological sites in China dating to 5,000 BC) was, and still is, used to decorate furniture, teawares, dinner services, and architectural elements by coating them with multiple layers of … Continue reading

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Antiques Show Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

How many 50th anniversary events do you attend, especially ones with 60 professionals on the program plus guest speakers with international reputations in the decorative arts? Of course, we are talking about the Delaware Antiques Show, celebrating 50 years of … Continue reading

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Are You A Collector?

With the Delaware Antiques Show fast approaching, November 8–10, it’s time to get in the mind-set of a collector. A collector possesses focus, knowledge, enthusiasm, and discipline. A collector is interested in a specific kind of object that he or … Continue reading

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Top exhibitors lend quality, knowledge, and loyalty to acclaimed Delaware Antiques Show

What makes a really good antiques dealer? How would I recognize one? As a start, you will find him or her to be an excellent communicator in the field of the Decorative Arts; and a person most knowledgeable about antique … Continue reading

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