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“Stand Fast in the Liberty”: A Rare Waistcoat Belt

On September 6, 1776, Peter, a slave from Salem County, New Jersey, ran away from his master’s property wearing “a white jacket with a belt before.” Charles Sherry, a convict servant, escaped from William Scott of Dumfries, Virginia, on February … Continue reading

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Wine at Winterthur: Samuel Francis DuPont, 19th-Century Wine Collector

In this post, Estate Historian Maggie Lidz continues her research into wine and the du Pont family. In the second half of the 19th century, the common drinks in America were spirits, cider, and beer. Although a domestic wine industry … Continue reading

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Wine at Winterthur: The First Generation of the du Ponts at Winterthur

By Maggie Lidz, Estate Historian In 1839, after two years abroad, Evelina du Pont and her husband, J. Antoine Bidermann, settled into residence at Winterthur, their newly acquired estate. The 350-acre Delaware farm was formerly owned and managed as a … Continue reading

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Poster, Not Postage, Stamps

Winterthur Library first started collecting poster—not postage—stamps in 1995, and during the past 17 years, we have acquired about 1,800 of them. Among other purposes, poster stamps were used as advertising vehicles for products; to promote urban growth and settlement; … Continue reading

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The Motor House and the Chauffeur: How the Auto Changed Traditional American Country Life

We are all looking forward to the seventh year of Winterthur hosting a wide array of notable historic automobiles on each Saturday in May. I have been thinking about these cars in a slightly different way as part of research … Continue reading

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Hair Apparent: False Hair Caps and the Mysterious World of 19th-Century Hair Anxiety

I have a reputation for loving the stranger objects at Winterthur. Ask me what I like and I’ll usually respond, “The high style Philadelphia furniture is impressive, but did you see the glass fly trap on the second floor? It’s … Continue reading

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Puzzled by Puzzle Jugs?

Puzzled by puzzle jugs? Perplexed by punch bowls? Don’t worry, because Uncorked! is here to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about early American drinking traditions. Uncorked! Wine, Objects & Tradition, which opens to the public on Saturday, April 28, … Continue reading

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