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Dining by Design Meets Terrific Tuesdays! Who Says Kids Don’t Like Old Stuff, Too?

What is the most common lament that we curators hear from collectors and those lucky individuals who have inherited family heirlooms? Young people today have absolutely no interest in objects from the past. But is that really true? Perhaps, we … Continue reading

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The Time to Buy: Collecting American Antiques in 2016

I love Antiques Week. Every year, during the third week in January, collectors, curators, and dealers—indeed anyone with a passion for antiques—gather in New York for the Mardi Gras of Americana. The Winter Antiques Show attracts the rich, the famous, … Continue reading

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Playing with Fire

“Fire engines gave us the same thrill that children have felt in all times at the sight of running horses accompanied by the clanging of bells.” –Samuel Canby Rumford  Samuel Canby Rumford grew up in a house on the corner … Continue reading

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Meet One of the Most Colorful and Captivating Men in History

Adventure.  Discovery.  Passion.  Danger.  Alexander von Humboldt’s life was packed with all of them. In this video blog, New York Times best-selling author Andrea Wulf describes the remarkable life of the man, explorer, and scientist who came up with the … Continue reading

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The Summerhouses of Winterthur

Three summerhouses, each unique in design, ornament the Winterthur Garden. Spaced widely apart, they are a resting spot and a landmark in the landscape. In the 1967 book The Gardens of Winterthur in All Seasons, written by Harold Bruce with … Continue reading

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The Sheep at Negendank Barn: A Fine-Wooled History

Every time you wear your merino wool sweater, you become part of the historical chain of merino wool enthusiasts. These enthusiasts include the Bourbon Kings of Spain and France and Thomas Jefferson in America. The herd of merino sheep at … Continue reading

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Making the Most of Enchanted Summer Day

Any day that my kids can wear costumes and miscellaneous accessories in public is a good day for them—and any day that they can be engaged outdoors, with crafts and activities that I don’t have to plan on my own … Continue reading

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The Little Founder That Could: William Penn in Myth, Memory, and Material Culture

Winterthur’s collection holds a treasure trove of objects depicting or commemorating William Penn and the founding era of Pennsylvania. These material goods, including maps,  an urn, prints, toy tea sets, a chair, and boxes, served important functions in creating Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Truck & Tractor Day: Insights from a Staff Mom

My kids (a 7 year old girl and twin boys, 4) come to Winterthur a lot. “Take-your-kids-to work day” is a no-brainer when you work at a place with a three-acre children’s garden and a Touch-It Room, not to mention … Continue reading

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Treasuring Your Child’s Toys at Terrific Tuesdays

Six months ago in early March, Megan Millman and I were thrilled to find out that we would be interning at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. Our job was to create an educational program that taught kid-size art conservation to … Continue reading

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