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The Julia Child of Needlework

The second blog post in our New Accessions series features the needlework of Erica Wilson (1928-2011) recently donated to Winterthur by her family. Quite modern compared to the majority of Winterthur’s decorative arts collection (most of which were made before … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things

Take a peek inside the favorite things of those who work at Winterthur. Linda Eaton, John L. & Marjorie P. McGraw Director of Collections & Senior Curator of Textiles, and Tom Savage, Director of Museum Affairs, each share one of … Continue reading

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True Colors: Light Damage and Historic Needlework

This January, Winterthur acquired at auction a canvaswork picture associated with a group of needlework made in the Boston, Massachusetts, area. This embroidery, circa 1750, was created by Mary Perrin of Roxbury, Massachusetts. In many ways, the needlework is in … Continue reading

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Anonymous Artisans: Textile Designers & Their Sources

Until the promotion of textiles designed by well-known artists came to the fore in the early twentieth century, designers for printed textiles had, in general, remained anonymous. We can document little about the majority of those designers who worked in … Continue reading

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Fashion of the Forgotten: Researching the Dress of Indentured and Enslaved Women, 1750–90

How do you study the material culture of 18th-century indentured and enslaved servants? Clothing of the lesser sorts prior to the 19th century is rarely preserved in museum collections and is even less likely to have any sort of provenance. … Continue reading

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Top exhibitors lend quality, knowledge, and loyalty to acclaimed Delaware Antiques Show

What makes a really good antiques dealer? How would I recognize one? As a start, you will find him or her to be an excellent communicator in the field of the Decorative Arts; and a person most knowledgeable about antique … Continue reading

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Green: One of the Prettiest Colors There Is

“I think color is the thing that really counts more than any other,” said Henry Francis du Pont in reflecting on his approach to decorating long after Winterthur had opened as a museum. Color is the most important characteristic of … Continue reading

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Winterthur during World War II: The Curtain Project

I am trying to get the entire house catalogued—sewing labels on all the curtains showing the rooms and seasons in which they are to be used etc. and I think it will be another year before I am entirely through … Continue reading

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A Lasting Legacy: Mannequin Mania!

My name is Emily Schuetz Stryker, and I am a member of the WUDPAC Class of 2013, majoring in textile conservation. I am spending my 2012 summer work project in Glasgow, Scotland. Although I am primarily based at the Burrell … Continue reading

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Travels through Conservation: Preserving Temperance

By Director of Conservation Lois Alcott Price The Textile Lab has recently been the site of a collaboration between painting and textile conservation. Flaking paint on a fragile silk edged cotton banner scheduled for exhibition in Uncorked! Wine, Objects & … Continue reading

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