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Top exhibitors lend quality, knowledge, and loyalty to acclaimed Delaware Antiques Show

What makes a really good antiques dealer? How would I recognize one? As a start, you will find him or her to be an excellent communicator in the field of the Decorative Arts; and a person most knowledgeable about antique … Continue reading

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Washington, Warhol, and Winterthur: Unexpected Provenance in the Museum Collection

“I find that some museums know a good deal more about the histories of their things than I do about ours; therefore I want to get family histories whenever possible.” Henry Francis du Pont wrote this to a dealer, Winsor White, … Continue reading

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Playing Cards Redux

                  Today, even with so many electronic devices, files, and resources, we still consume paper by the quire and ream. It is difficult to imagine a time when paper was scarce, but … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Photograph Conservation Intern

I have a little over one month remaining of my third-year internship and career as a graduate student. Before I know it, I will be packing up my things and moving to a new destination—this time for a post-graduate fellowship … Continue reading

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Some Account of “Some Account of some of the Bloody Deeds of Gen. Jackson”

Editor’s note: this is the second of several posts by graduate students in the Winterthur Program in American Material Culture (WPAMC), written as part of their Material Life in America class. Please note that you can click on the images … Continue reading

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