Are You Ready for Some March Madness?

March Bank by Ray Magnani

March Bank by Ray Magnani

While March Madness takes hold on big-screen TVs all over the country as the NCAA basketball tournament heats up, here at Winterthur, there is a different kind of March Madness— FREE GUESTS FOR MEMBERS all month long.

At Winterthur, we spend a lot of behind-the-scenes time focusing on the visitor experience. Is the tour accessible? Enjoyable? Is parking amenable? Are dining options sufficient? In our ongoing analysis, we’ve found that most visitors, whether they are Members or not, do not visit alone.

Hmm. Filling out this bracket seems simple enough. Improve the visitor experience plus oblige guests’ desire to share their Winterthur experience with friends. The result is a win—a new, easily-implemented Member benefit: Free Guest Passes in March.

Actually, unlike in the basketball version, March Madness at Winterthur is a win-win! Members enjoy a special perk during a month when Members are a larger percentage of visitation compared with other months. Winterthur is shared with more guests. And best of all, Members and their guests can see some real March Madness or perhaps March magic. At Winterthur, spring sweeps in on a carpet of blue. Millions of brilliant blue bulbs burst into bloom on the March Bank, a masterpiece of color and design. Visit to discover what’s in bloom.

Questions? Other suggestions on how we can improve your experience as a Member? Call us at the Membership office at 302.888.4713 or email us at

Traci Manza Murphy is the Associate Director of Membership. Contact her at

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