Light and Shadow: André Kertész at Winterthur

Blackwell Parlor

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In 1951, before Winterthur opened fully to the public, legendary photographer André Kertész (1894–1985) visited on a photo shoot for Vogue and House & Garden magazines. His images capture the unique light of the spaces, dramatic shadows cast by objects, easily overlooked details, and Kertész’s unique ability to capture the essence of a space.

As Brooke Astor wrote in her memoir Footprints:

André Kertész was a photographer who rejoiced in whatever his camera could catch. We often worked together, and sometimes I grew impatient when he would insist on waiting all day to photograph a garden to catch the afternoon shadows, or the angle of a book left carelessly on a chair—his signature. With his unerring eye for just the right object and his total dedication to perfection, he taught me a great deal.

We are happy to share this selection of Kertész’s Winterthur photographs with you here.

Ida McCall is the web and communications editor at Winterthur.

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